My cubicle of inadequacy 


Do you ever feel like your braincells are dying? 
I don’t mean in a biologically routine way, like cells do. I mean the constant cringe of realisation that makes you feel like you’re getting dumber. 
I really thought wisdom comes with age inspite being in the middle of several wisdom comes from knowledge arguments, but i all i feel right now is like nothing around me making me smarter. Growing up just seems like it’s nullifying whatever works for me otherwise, eradicating wisdom as a by product in any proportion. 
It’s like i’m incarcerated in a huge universe. And it has roads, and the sky and space and planets and other people and my neighbour’s cat and my cousin’s old toys and flowers and rockets and clothes and books and gardens.
The thing is, it’s not a prison to me anymore. 

Essentially, if it traps you, or makes you feel limited, or confined – that’s when you know it’s imprisoning. What you don’t know is, that the worst kind of prison is the one that gives you a false sense of freedom while confining you in a little bubble devoid individuality. 
Life’s not a trap. It’s not even a prison, if that’s what this makes you feel. It’s a bird’s eye view with a blind side for reflection. 
It’s like my ecosystem which relinquishes on the idea of my self deterioration. 
Like my cubicle of inadequacy


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