you cant pause life, they say. 

you have to keep up

you have to run along

you have to be as fast as the ticking of the seconds hand of the clock, they say. 

sometimes even faster. 

you have to ride the tide 

you have to pull the saddle on the hour 

you have to buck up

cheer up

deal with it 

get over it 
no complaints. no tears. no stopping. no pausing. 
i can, though. 

every time i place a bookmark when i have to leave the world i am indulged in at the moment 

i can pause life. 

not because I can’t keep up. 

not because I can’t run as fast as time. 

just so it stays where i left it. 

and when i get back to it, 

nothing’s changed. 

like a world, my world, waiting for me to return 

and run my fingers up it’s spine again. 

sometimes i wish 

i could put 

a bookmark

on you.